Ranjit P.

Seek to understand first and then to be understood!

This is the underlying philosophy and value that Mr Ranjit Pagdaloo, CEO, Calling 24o7 firmly believes in and advocates to his staff. This resilient approach has equipped him in coming out with the best practical solutions for his clients. A keen observer, he quickly grasps his client’s needs. Armed with more than 15 years of expertise in Contact Centres and BPO, he looks at the larger picture, often visualising the bigger goal without losing on the nitty-gritty. As head of the Strategy & Service Delivery, his main focus is to ensure that his clients are competitive and successful in their industry. He understands customer service modalities across industries inside out and therefore has innovative ideas of improving the customer satisfaction index. As someone who has been on the Panel of MCCIA – IT Committee (2012) to address the problem areas of IT infrastructure requirements for IT/ITES SMEs, his credentials are impeccable.