An Online Insurance Company

“It’s been a fantastic association with C24o7 over the past 4 years. What started off as a 5 seater in August 2010, went on to expand to 60 seats. All these years C24o7 has significantly contributed to our success in the digital space and is also an important partner in helping us win the E-Business Leader award 2013 and 2014! What’s unique about C24o7 is the unconditional support that you provide as a team. Your willingness to deliver and accommodate our requirements is what sets you apart from any standard contact centre. You have always been very pro-customers and your processes and infra structure  are state of art! 35% of all the revenue we generated has always come through C24o7 and this says a lot about the significance of your contribution to our success! I would definitely always recommend C24o7 to companies and colleagues.”

An Automotive Company

“We have found a thinking partner in Calling 24o7. It is extremely satisfying to know that there is someone who empathises with you and comes up with innovative solutions to boost your client satisfaction.”

A Retail Group

“We had planned a BIG exchange drive along with Calling 24o7 where we wanted to reach out to maximum consumers. We were super excited to see an overwhelming response from consumers spread across different geographical locations who visited our local stores to avail this scheme. It has been a great experience working with Calling 24o7 on this campaign. Their ability to pull the target audience is commendable.”

A Banking & Financial Services Company

“One thing that separates Calling 24o7 from the rest of the call centres is their value addition. They sit with you and understand all your challenges thoroughly, and brainstorm ideas to come up with a reasonable solution, as if it were their challenges. We are happy to have engaged with a company who pays so much attention towards your organisation. A true value for money partner.”

A Real Estate Group

“The team at Calling 24o7 definitely know the planning and execution of a marketing campaign inside-out. Their recommendations and solutions that supported our marketing plans together helped us pull the right audience during the exhibitions, launch and booking phase. We are extremely happy with their services and would recommend them to every company in this Industry.”

A Telecom Group

“Calling 24o7 has been really good in customer retention and acquisition. Outsourcing the management of customer relationship for the entire spectrum of our services has been one of the smartest decisions we have made.”

A Hospitality Group

“We are very pleased to have worked with Calling 24o7. Their ability to scale-up within a very short span and their empathic communication skills helped us to effectively manage the customer enquiries at a reasonable cost. Thanks to their proactive approach towards generating new leads which we alone wouldn’t have achieved.”