Help you reside in customer’s heart

According to a recent study, the real estate industry across its various flavours – housing, hospitality, retail and commercial/corporate – in India is expected to reach a whopping 180 billion US dollars by the year 2020. With the market potential almost unlimited, how does one maintain a competitive advantage and maintain a bigger piece of the cake? Further, we all understand the speculative buying mentality that plagues the industry. How does one identify a residence buyer vis-à-vis an investor? How does one effectively pitch for the right product towards each type of buyer? How does a real-estate professional guarantee the “customer satisfaction” that is the key differentiator in this industry?

It is difficult for real-estate corporate houses who offer multiple flavours of projects with a huge inventory to target genuine buyers, harness touch-points and keep a consistent follow-up to convert a suspect to prospect to a buyer. This is where Calling 24o7 team steps in and elevates your growth potential. We were one of the first contact centres in India to take on board lead generation for the real estate sector. Be it running a campaign at various events, launches, web-promotions or just building relationships for future lead generation, we are proactive, non-pushy and keen listeners. We are adept to handling large volumes of inbound calls and ensure that every call gets attended to with equal zest every time. We work very closely with your marketing team to ensure congruence in communication.

Our range of services includes: