Boosting footfalls per second

An industry that is currently estimated at US $500 billion and expected to grow by further 70% (according to a report by Deloitte) in merely 2 years has many things to be happy about, but at the same time needs to meet a whole new set of challenges before it can rejoice. Talking about happy things, almost 90% of retail segment in India are small-scale unorganised shops. Whereas the big organised retail centres amount to the remaining 10%. As the middle-class urban population grows in the coming years, it is definitely great news for the few organised retail companies which now have presence in smaller cities and suburbs as well. Better brands, highest standards, ease of delivery and online presence all have contributed towards the growth of this segment.

However, tough competition, lack of customer loyalty and lower margins has put undue pressure on this sector. To be able to get the better share of the wide customer-base, it is important that companies spread to the untapped Tier II and Tier III cities and suburbs sooner. Further, reading the consumer pulse and adapting to their every changing likes (versus its predecessor – “needs”) and expectations, while providing better consumer experience is a difficult but an imperative mission.

In such a scenario, a company like Calling 24o7 can help you manage the entire customer life cycle. With proactive customer engagement, we work like your extended arm helping you reach the desired target audience. Whenever your customer calls, we are always there to guide him through his needs and help him/her find the right product. We monitor the click-through on your website and provide the prospect with the cushion whenever s/he tends to fall through. We re-connect with the prospect and help her/him take the decision.

Our range of services includes:


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