The Client:

Calling24o7’s client is a full line grocery home shopping service promoted and managed by one of the largest Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Companies in India. With leadership in Home and Personal Care Products, and Foods and Beverages segments, the client has over 1,00,000 customers who can choose from a wide choice of over 4,000 products. These include cooking oil, snacks and household products such as detergents, toiletries and other goods.

The Challenge:

With increasing disposable income, both in rural and urban areas, and increasing acceptance of organized retail and shifts in consumer buying patterns, FMCG companies have been forced to revisit product, marketing, and distribution strategies. They have introduced innovative customer-centric initiatives to take an unassailable lead in the competition.

Calling24o7’s client also took a step in similar direction. It sought to introduce a unique direct selling channel which would provide customers a highly gratifying experience. Calling24o7 fitted the bill because of its wide reach and proven experience in customer service.


In the course of its engagement Calling24o7 analyzed the processes crucial to the client and realized that customer response was an indispensable expectation. Over 60 resources focused on customer retention and fresh acquisition programs. Calling24o7’s team was primarily responsible for booking orders for the client – working seven days a week for 12 hour periods. In addition, Calling24o7 provided the database for lead generation.

Impacts delivered:

Calling24o7 helped the client to set up a new direct-to-consumer channel, delivering the following impacts –

  • Met all SLAs
  • Ramped up the process in a phased manner
  • Provided end-to-end services to the client and its customers