Hiring, Grooming, Retaining the best talent

We have a work aesthetic that goes beyond the conventionally accepted definition of Management. In our professional calling it is not only getting work done through people but developing people through work.

Our school of thought stands on the philosophy that every individual personnel in our company is invaluable and thus justifiably deserves to grow in an environment that will stimulate their skills. We aptly term it as our work-force that marches ahead with the company.

With a doors-are-always-open policy, we constantly steel and galvanize our colleagues to think out of the box. We earnestly believe that goaded into constructive debates, they can elicit a sincere feedback so vital for an organization to script a success story.

To us, leadership is not about occupying power positions but inculcating a continuous think-and-learn mindset in our personnel because in our assessment it is an important parameter in serving our clients. An uncompromising emphasis is therefore laid on the pool of talent we recruit and subsequently nurturing and retaining it. It gives us immense pride to proclaim that we have the best and brightest of agents, executives and managers – a well-knit team.


At Calling 24o7, there is no let up in the prudence, meticulousness and rigor we put in our selection and screening processes. If we have scrupulously maintained exemplary standards productivity, quality and conduct, it is because of the benchmarks we have set up – both in terms of recruiting promising talent and our confidence to deliver. Although this work ethic is communicated to aspiring candidates at the very outset, we also exercise enough flexibility to adapt to client-specific skill requirements.


Since high-quality performance is our final destination; we are seized of the importance of training and development. We impart comprehensive and scientific training that equips our personnel in project-intensive technical skills without digressing from time-tested values of team-work, inter-personal communication and customer empathy. This strict regimen is tempered with willingness to learn, adapt and grow. We employ regular evaluation and mentoring which motivates employees to retain their focus on professional targets and keep improving performance.


We appreciate and understand that leaders, processes and work culture are decisive factors that help people Commit to the organization, Engage in their role and Excel over a time as they evolve in their career. By helping people at all levels in these three spheres, we not only retain the talents we carefully hire, we also build up lasting relationships with them. Spurred by the climate that boosts innovation, self-empowerment and creativity, our personnel work to their full potential. We reciprocate by matching the needs and expectations of our employees without deviating from the goals of the organization. Our loyalties and commitments are mutually complementary.